Types: There a lot of types, more habitual is white (pure sacrose) or brown (with nutrients). 

Application:  Added to foods to provide sweetness and other important functional properties.

Specification: White sugar (pure sucrose) is naturally white. No bleaching agent is added at any time during the refining process. This is the most common form of sugar used in households and commercial food products. It is available in a number of different crystal sizes.

White moist granulated sugar blended with small quantities of pure sugar syrups (molasses) selected for colour and taste.The differences in colour and flavour between brown sugar depend on the amount of molasses present. The more molasses, the stickier the crystals, darker the colour and stronger the flavour

Sugar refiners can produce brown sugar from boiling refinery cane syrups until brown sugar crystals form, or by blending molasses syrup with white sugar crystals.

                                                          Nutriments (for 100g.):                                               

           General                                                             White values          Brown values                                      Water ml.                                                                            0,2                          1,3

  Carbohdrates   (g.)                                                            99,8                       97,0                           

  Lipids(g), Protein(g), Alcohol(mg)                                    0                      Protein 0,12                    

    Fibber ,  Cholesterol                                                           0                              0


Polysaccharides, Sucre's                                                   0-100

Energy:  KCalories                                                                                        490,0 kcal.                         

Fat acids  

Saturated, Mono unsaturateds, omega3 omega6         0                    0

Elements (mg.)

Ca-0,6 ; Mg-0,2 ;  P-0 ; K-2 ; FE- 0,29 ; I-0 ; Na-0, Cu-0,02       Fe-1,9; Ca-85; K-320; Mg-22

Storage:   Dry and dark.

Shelf life:     no limits with good conditions storage.

Packaging:    25 kg. net weight.


Sugar specifications:


White sugar

Brown sugar