Refined sunflower oil -OFFER-


Origin:              Ukraine

With:                 EUR 1 certified.

Min.Quantity:    1 container/ (27.100   1 L. PET bottles)

Price:                0,85 us$ /1L. Bottle   

Logistic:            CIF Barcelona (Spain) price for 500 MT/month

                Customizable label in product

   ----------------For December month.------------


Real analisys values:

       Transparent no sediment,

       Taste of impersonal sunflower oil, odorless.

                Color number, mg iodine..........3

                Acid number, mg KON/g ....   0,10

                Mass fraction of moisture and volatile matter,%     0,02

                Peroxide number , 1/2 Ommol/Kg......0,55 

                Storage life:  24 month in darkness room and temp 8ºC-20ºC

                                                                                                Please contact for different propose  

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