VARIETIES : Moscatel de Alejandría

ELABORATION:  This is a “mistela” or sweet wine made using Muscadelle grapes, which have not been fully fermented through the addition of alcohol.      Operating temperature: 12º         Alcohol: 15%

ASPECT:    Deep yellow in colour with golden flecks, silky and bright.

FRAGANCE: Its intense aromas stand out and remind one of Muscadelle grapes. Its wonderful perfume of open rose petals and honey captivate one’s senses.

TASTE:  It is very mouth-filling, silky but not overpowering. The Muscadelle’s grape flavours become apparent and make for a very harmonious mix.

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Operating temperature 15 º C
Alcohol 18.50%
ASPECT:   Crystal clear, deep ruby red colour

FRAGANCE.  The typical grape varieties of the Port region are very apparent in this wine, which has been slowly aged.

TASTE:  The characteristic flavours of Port wines stand out in this wine.

VARIETIES: Garnacha Blanca, Garnacha Tinta

ELABORATION: A fortified wine made using a blend of different Solera wines.

Recommended Serving Temperature 15ºC      Alcohol Content 17% vol.
ASPECT:  Clean with a light mahogany colour.

FRAGANCE:  Its aromas are intense and deep. There is a noticeable amount of ripe sugared fruit as well as aromas from the barrel-ageing process.

TASTE:  In the mouth it is silky and strong with ripe fruits and hints of the barrel as well as light nuances of walnut and hazelnut. It has a long finish which is exquisitely smooth.

ELABORATION: The grape is fermented and distilled the skins. Pinord oversees the entire process of preparing the distillate of exceptional quality.

Temperature: Cold to consumer tastes       Alcohol 40% vol.

ASPECT:   Grape marc white with shades of silver.

FRAGANCE:   Its aromas are characteristic of the residue with a pleasant freshness.

TASTE:    Step has a warm mouth and is long and pleasant aftertaste.


VARIETIES:  Garnatxa negra

ELABORATION :  Wine made within the Terra Alta wine appellation (D.O. Terra Alta) from organic vineyards under the auspices of the CCPAE (Catalan Council of Organic Agricultural Production). The grapes reach the winery, where they are de-stemmed and put into vats for ten days. Following fermentation, the skins are pressed and the wine is racked several times to stabilise it. It spends a couple of months in barrel to bring out tannins and colour before it is filtered and bottled.  Recommended Serving Temperature: 18ºC.   Alcohol Content: 14.5%

ASPECT:  Bright violet and pink tones with little robe.

FRAGANCE:  Lots of cherry and red fruits. If we add oxygen, we notice spice, cinnamon and jammy aromas.

TASTE:  This is a light wine with soft fresh tannins. It offers a sensation of great finesse with pleasant fruit flavours.


VARIETIES:    Garnacha Blanca

ELABORATION:   Wine made within the Terra Alta wine appellation (D.O. Terra Alta) from organic vineyards. Once the grapes are picked, they are taken to the winery where they are quickly pressed to extract the must. The must is fermented at low temperatures for around three weeks and the resulting wine is fined, filtered and stabilised before bottling.,     Recommended Serving Temperature : 10ºC,      Alcohol Content: 12%

ASPECT:  Bright clean pale tones with touches of yellow and grey.

FRAGANCE: Intense fruity aromas of banana and apple, but also citric fruit and dried fruit and nuts which are very true to the Grenache grape variety.

TASTE:  This is a powerful white wine in the mouth, well structured with optimum balance between acidity and body. A very long and pleasant finish.