Egg yolk powder.

Product description:   Pasteurized and spray dried egg yolk. -- 100g of powder dissolved in 125g. of water corresponds to aprox. 225 g. of liquid egg yolk.

Egg yolk powder  (EYP)

Egg yolk powder specifications:

Application:   Suitable for mayonnaise, dressings, pasta, ice cream, baked products, cake mix or other products where egg yolk is needed.

Functionality:   The advantage of this product is its emulsifying abilities, taste, color and structure. A further advantage is the storage conditions, handling and shelf life of powder compared to liquid products.

Ingredients:   Egg yolk powder.                 origin: Ukraine.

  Analitical data:                                                Microbiological data:

                                    Guaranteed values                                                        Guaranteed values

       pH-value                        6 -6,7                      Total plate count                        < 100.000/g.

       Moisture                      3% - 4%                   Enterobacteriaceae                       < 10/g.

       Fat content               61% - 66%                 Salmonella                               Negative / 25g.

       Heanni value               > 18                          Staph. aureus                          Negative / 0,01g.

       Protein                            31

       Carbohydrates              0,5                          Nutrient    Appprox. 2.900kJ.   690 Kcal.


Storage:   Dry and dark.

Shelf life:     At 8-15˚C: Minimum 12 months,  At 15-25˚C: Minimum 6 months

Packaging:   Polybag in carton / paperbag, 20 kg. net weight.

Production day:   Included in the batch number, as the first 3 digits is the day-number, and the fourth indicates the year.