Egg albuminn powder (High gel).

Product description:  De-sugared, spray dried and pasteurized egg white.

100 g of powder dissolved in 700 g of water corresponds to 800 g of fresh egg white (Approx. 25 eggs). It is recommendable to leave the solution to stand a while before use in order to absorb all the water

Egg albuminn powder  (EAP). High gel

Egg albuminn powder high gel specifications:

Application:   Suitable for confectionery and bakery industry.

Functionality:   The advantage of this product is especially the good gelling and water binding abilities.

A A further advantage is the storage conditions, handling and shelf life of powder compared to liquid products

Ingredients:   Egg white powder .                             Origin: Ukraine

  Analitical data:                                                Microbiological data:

                                    Guaranteed values                                                           Guaranteed values

            pH-value                   6 - 8                        Total plate count                            < 5.000/g.

            Moisture gel           5%- 8%                    Enterobacteriaceae                       < 10/g.

            Stregth              >  350 g/cm2.              Salmonella                               Negative / 25g.

            Heanni value          > 27                         Staph. aureus                          Negative / 0,01g.

            Protein                       80

            Carbohydrates           5                           Energy        Approx. 1450 kJ         340 Kcal.

            Fat                               0                       


Storage:   Dry and dark.

Shelf life:     At 15-20˚C: Minimum 24 months in unopened package.

Packaging:   Blue poly bag in paper bag, 20 kg net

Production day:   Included in the batch number, as the first 3 digits is the day-number, and the fourth indicates the year.