VARIETIES: Chardonnay

ELABORATION:  Harvested in the early morning to maintain the grapes’ freshness. The grapes are quickly taken to the winery where they are pressed to extract the must. The must is then fermented in stainless steel vats at low temperatures for three weeks. After clarifying, the wine is stabilized and is filtered before bottling.

Recommended Serving Temperature : 10ºC        Alcohol Content: 13.5%

ASPECT:    Intense, shining yellow colour.

FRAGANCE:   This wine has intense tropical aromas such as pineapple, passion fruit and banana.

TASTE:   Predominantly the grape variety stands out in combination with the influence of the warm Mediterranean climate. Long in the mouth and very harmonious.







ELABORATION:  Once the grapes have been taken to the winery and have been de-stemmed, the must is sent to vats where it will soak on its skins for a few days. After this, it is fermented and the skins are pressed once the fermentation process is finalised. The wine is racked several times and then sent to oak barrels for four or five months and then bottled.    Recommended serving temperature: 18ºC   Alcohol Content: 14%

ASPECT:  Clean, with violet and mahogany tones.

FRAGANCE:   This wine is a mix of the typical aromas the grape varieties give, coupled with the aromas from the barrel-ageing. We can find raspberry or cherry as fruit aromas and vanilla and light toast from the barrel.

TASTE:    In the mouth this wine is very complex with some body, yet with a delicate mouth feel.


ELABORATION:  The grapes are taken to the winery, de-stemmed and put in vats for a week-long soak with skins to get a full extraction of fruit and some tannins. After this, the skins are pressed and the must finishes fermenting and after two or three rackings, it is aged for three or four months in oak barrels. Finally the wine is bottled to keep all its flavours in tact.     Serving Temperature: 18ºC     Alcohol Content: 12.5%

ASPECT:   Crystal clear with violet and bluish hints.

FRAGANCE:  Very fruit forward, especially blackberries and violets. If we continue to aerate the wine in the glass during tasting, touches of dried figs and chocolate appear.

TASTE:  It is a delicious wine in the mouth. Red fruits and jams stand out above its less intense, rounded tannins.

VARIETIES: Cabernet Sauvignon

ELABORATION: Organic wine which complies with the CCPAE (Catalan Council of Organic Agricultural Production) guidelines. After receiving the grapes at the winery, they are put in a vat for a brief skin soak in order to extract maximum varietal characteristics. The skins are then pressed and the must is fermented in vat at low temperatures.   Recommended Serving Temperature: 10ºC     Alcohol Content: 12.5%

ASPECT:   Ruby coloured with hints of pink.

FRAGANCE: An intense aroma of strawberry which gives it character. There is also clearly blackcurrant and red liquorice.

TASTE:  It is pleasant in the mouth, thanks to its intense fruity style which gives it power and personality. At the same time, it is smooth in the mouth, with a good balance between its body and its acidity. It has a big and lasting finish.

La colección DIORAMA PINORD se presenta en tres estuches de lujo con dos vinos diferentes cada uno. Además, los estuches contienen cuatro frascos

de esencias,  que corresponden a los aromas más característicos de los dos vinos de cada estuche, para ayudarle a familiarizarse con ellos y distinguirlos.

También se incluye una pequeña guía de cata con los primeros consejos para iniciarse en este apasionado mundo.

Es una colección de seis vinos monovarietales procedentes en su mayoría de viñas ecológicas, que presentan los aromas característicos, fáciles de percibir y diferenciar, que aportan las diferentes variedades de uva.

Pinord los ha elaborado y recogido en esta Colección para ofrecer, tanto a expertos como a neófitos, la oportunidad de desarrollar su capacidad olfativa y reconocer con facilidad el enorme abanico aromático que presenta cada tipo de vino.