Application:   Used in the manufacture of infant formula, confectionery such as chocolate and caramel candy, and in recipes for baked goods where adding liquid milk would render the product too thin.

                                                                     Origin: Ukraine.

        Value data:                                               

                                                                            Guaranteed values                                                        

       Net weight                                                         25 Kg.                      

       Food and energy value for 100 g.                   

                               Protein   no less                          24,0

                               Fats g                                           26,0

                              Carbohydrates , g                       40,0

                              Calories                                      490,0 kcal.                         


Storage:   Dry and dark.

Shelf life:     At 1ºC - 25˚C: Minimum 12 months and relative air humidity not exceeding 85%.

Packaging:    25 kg. net weight.

Production day:   Included in the batch number, month and year.

Cream milk powder  (CMP)

Cream milk powder specifications:

Cream milk powder (CMP).