Origin: Ukraine.

        Value data:                                               

                                                                            Guaranteed values                                                        

       Net weight                                                                           

       Food and energy value for 100 g.                   

                               Protein   no less                          7,2

                               Fat , %                                          8,5

                              Carbohydrates , %                      58,3

                              Calories   ,    Kj                         1418,3     (338,5 Kcal)            


Storage:          Dry and dark.

Shelf life:         From 0ºC - 25˚C: 12 months, 10ºC -30ºC, 6 months, relative air humidity not exceeding 85%.

Packaging:      Normal pack 370 g. TIN  ,  Doy Pack 450g.  , CHUB-pack 4Kg , and more formats.

Production day:   Included in the batch number, month and year.

More special specifications with special packaging to consult.

Condensed milk  (sweetened condensed)


Condensed milk

Whole cow's milk, white crystaline sugar (not less than 43,5%), milk sugar (lactose)