VARIETIES: Cabernet Sauvignon

ELABORATION:   This wine was aged in oak for 14 months and then bottled and cellared for two years before release.  Recommended Serving Temperature 18ºC        Alcohol Content 12.5%

ASPECT:  Deep red in colour with violet undertones; clear and brilliant.

FRAGANCE:  Intense aromas of raisins and jams with slight traces of oak. If you swirl the glass round, more varietal aromas and spicy notes such as clove or pepper will appear.

TASTE:  A gentle palate with moderate ageing. The flavors due to its ageing stand out in good balance with the body of the wine. A long finish and intense full body leave a pleasant flavour in the mouth.






VARIETIES: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

ELABORATION:  The grapes used to make this wine come from our Muntanyans estate vineyard. They go through a meticulous production process with a maceration time of no less than three weeks. This wine has been aged in oak for over two years. The final wine is bottled, after which it continues to age in the bottle for three more years.

Recommended Serving Temperature 18ºC    Alcoholic Content 13.5%

ASPECT:  Dark reddish brown in colour with some mahogany undertones.

FRAGANCE:   An extremely complex and harmonious wine in which the aromas from its long period of ageing stand out. Once aerated, notes of oak barrel, spices and fruit appear.

TASTE:  In the mouth it is a well balanced wine. Its ripe fruit and tannins afford it a very pleasant velvety feel which help to give it a very long finish.

VARIETIES: Cabernet Sauvignon

ELABORATION:  The Cabernet Sauvignon grapes were sorted grape by grape before being made into wine and then left to rest for 24 months in French oak barrels. The wine was then bottled to continue its ageing process in the darkness of our cellars. A far from conventional wine based on the whim of Juan José Tetas, who has wanted to make a very different wine, full of personality.  Recommended Serving Temperature: 18ºC    Alcohol Content: 13%

ASPECT:    Dark mahogany in colour with certain deep red undertones.

FRAGANCE:  Highly structured with a concentration of flavours. Its tannins are powerful with notable quality, yet are elegant and robust at the same time.

TASTE:  With its own individual character and a long finish, bursting with undertones that gradually make their appearance once the glass has been oxygenated.